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Need a Marketing Writer Who Can Talk to Both Your Engineers and Your Customers?

That doesn’t happen by accident. It comes from experience, which I’ve gathered over the last 30+ years.

“Greg’s strong attention to technical detail and perseverance to pull accurate information from our experts has led to valuable customer content, while taking minimal time away from our work day.”

—Janelle Dahl, Media and Public Relations, ZEISS Industrial Metrology

“I work in a very technical environment and am always amazed at how well Greg grasps our business and can take all this technical information and produce copy that anyone can relate to and understand.”

—Julie Foster, Web Strategist Consolidated Communication

My clients are in networking, telecommunications, plastics, chemicals, life sciences, optics and more. I am a virtual member of their marketing teams. I work closely with content providers to identify their customers’ hot button issues and use proprietary tools to turn a deep dive into clients’ technology into compelling benefits for their customers. The result is powerful communication that educates, calls to action, and advances the sales process. Want to know more?