“Down to earth, yet compelling B2B and Technology content is Greg’s Sweet Spot!”

—Susan Misukanis, President @TopRank Marketing

“Greg has a great way of taking complex material and forming it into a clear message or story. He was very efficient when working with me and my team.”

—Kirstin Hedin, Marketing Director, Americas Adhesives at H.B. Fuller

“His strong attention to technical detail and perseverance to pull accurate information from our experts has led to valuable customer content, while taking minimal time away from our work day.”

—Janelle Dahl, Media and Public Relations at ZEISS Industrial Metrology

“Greg has a way of taking a technical product and presenting it so that it is easy to understand.”

—Stephen Laliberte, President at Internet Production, Inc.

“I work in a very technical environment, and I am always so amazed at how well Greg grasps our business and then can take all this technical information and turn it around and produce copy that anyone can relate to and understand.”

—Julie Foster, Web Strategist at Consolidated Communication

“Greg has been a trusted virtual member of our marketing team.”

—Bill Dietrick, Marketing Executive, Proto Labs

“I’ve hired him a number of times and the results have always been stellar. I’d recommend him to anybody (except my competition).”

—Bruce Caswell, Product Marketing/Marcomm Executive

“His level of professionalism, personalism, and understanding of my industry means that I’m comfortable having him contact my clients and executives for interviews then synthesize the information he’s gleaned into an impactful, well-written end product.”

—Laura Herlihy, Vice President, Marketing Communications at Ellucian

“Greg is thoughtful, patient and the consummate professional. He has the rare ability to not only make highly technical concepts interesting, but provides a true soft-sell which informs and leads the reader without sounding like an advertisement.”

—Jeff Sands, CTP Turnarounds and Acquisitions

“I was very impressed at his ability to quickly understand our audience, our product, and the message we were trying to deliver.”

—Jay Kilby, Director of Product Management, Vaddio at Legrand

“He is smart enough that after listening to the product positioning, messaging and competitive situation he is able to internalize the whole marketing/product story.”

—John Griffin, CEO at TerraCOH, Inc.

“I’m impressed with the ownership he takes of the project, from contacting the correct people to interview through to completing the final piece. It’s nice to be able to hand the project off and get the final copy within the time frame required.”

—Guy Wray, Marketing Wizard at Webcrafters

“Greg never fails to deliver thoughtful, detailed, and appropriate content for our projects.”

—Tom Keekley, Chief Customer Officer, Olive and Company

“Bring Greg into a room of engineering and R&D subject matter experts and you can feel comfortable that he has the technical aptitude to meaningfully engage and quickly win their trust.”

—Dave Hans, Marketing Management, Minco Products Inc.