Why I Write

I started out in big-ticket technology sales. The marketing materials I was given were technically accurate and complete, but they didn’t adequately address my prospect’s pain points. I talked to my management and was offered the position of marketing manager. In that role I increased the company’s identified prospect base by over 1000 percent and published an industry newsletter with a higher percentage of recipients with the title “president” or “CEO” than Forbes magazine.

Eventually, I realized two things. First, I didn’t like wearing ties, which were standard corporate dress at the time. Second, my most valuable skill—the place where I could add most value for clients—was communicating the benefits of complex technology. I have been doing that now for over twenty-five years.

Technology marketing can be a challenge. You can turn the task over to the engineers, but engineers generally focus on features rather than benefits. They typically don’t like to write, and even if they did it would distract them from the work you hired them to do. English majors like to write and have the necessary skills, but can struggle with the technology.

Wondering whether an outside writer can kick the stuffings out of your tech marketing? Let’s talk.

What I Write

My work products include:

Mission/Vision statements
Branding and positioning
Brochures and collateral
Customer case studies
Email marketing

Magazine and journal articles
Press releases
Speeches and presentations
Technical whitepapers
Video and audio scripting
Web and interactive copy

Samples from my archive of over 1500 completed customer projects are available on request.

“Greg is thoughtful, patient and the consummate professional. He has the rare ability to not only make highly technical concepts interesting, but provides a true soft-sell which informs and leads the reader without sounding like an advertisement.”

—Jeff Sands, CTP Turnarounds and Acquisitions